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Hello and welcome, to The Devil's Collection.

The Devil's Collection is an interactive Choose-Your-Own-Ending type adventure. Follow the tale of you, as you travel through myriad worlds, settings, and scenarios, desperate to escape the clutches of the wicked demon who has trapped you. You're at the helm, choosing where the stories will go, who you will interact with, and what kind of bad ends you see. While the collection is not yet complete, what's offered here is both the introduction and the first book in the series, Beware the Festival of Fools, as a standalone product. Enjoy hundreds of pages of creepy, kooky carnival high jinks, but just make sure to keep your eyes peeled and your wits about you--otherwise, you just might end up a part of the show yourself!

Included for download is both the mac and pc versions of the game; in the game itself, you get to enjoy the introduction, the first book, and all the features that the final, finished product will have, save for the music gallery.

P.S. Interested in giving it a try before you buy? Well, that's what the demo is for! Free here, check it out, and get a small taste of what awaits: https://www.patreon.com/posts/34983046 (Just as a reminder, the demo was made in Twine while the finished product is made in Renpy, and therefore the demo lacks a significant amount of the polish, music, pictures, etc that the finished product has.)

P.P.S Love what you're seeing, but just the first book isn't enough for you? Well, visit our patreon, and get access to all this and MORE: https://www.patreon.com/Gerrark


Buy Now$13.00 USD or more

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